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by Ashutosh Muglikar - May 8 2019 4:07PM

Rahul Gandhi has been travelling across the country with his only statement of “Chowkidar Chor Hai” which has no backing of facts or documents and for months he has been repeating this rally after rally. Last week PM Modi decided to pay back with interest. He attacked Rajiv Gandhi to hit back at Rahul Gandhi and said: "Your father was termed Mr Clean by his courtiers, but his life ended as bhrashtachari no 1."

The entire INC ecosystem got triggered. Some even approached the Election Commission with a complaint which promptly dismissed the same. After that, the same old story of intellectuals condemning the statements etc. started, which was ably supported by the mainstream media.

The online BJP supporters have been vocal about Manishankar Aiyar not being very much active in these elections. Historically whenever he has spoken a chunk of votes have been transferred to the BJP. However this time there is another knight in shining armour who is helping Narendra Modi’s bid for the top job. Its Rahul Gandhi’s advisor Sam Pitroda. He has kept the election pot boiling with many statements, but after this recent controversy he leaned back on tried & tested method to obtain open letter’s from “intellectuals.” Sam Pitroda “attacked” Narendra Modi over his remarks on former PM Rajiv Gandhi posted a letter on Twitter. It was signed by about 200 Delhi University teachers condemning the PM for his remark.

Violence, controlling institutions, revolts through labour unions, military conquests and controlling the narrative are some of the various techniques which are used the world over to obtain or retain power. Such letters, in my limited opinion, are used for controlling the narrative. We have seen many such letters issued in the past and I don’t want to delve too much into them. However, this time around another set of professionals has successfully countered letters issues by Anti Modi persons effectively. When the “eminent economists” spoke up against Narendra Modi, Chartered Accountants wrote a letter which was Pro Modi. Then came the writers and artists who said democracy needs to be protected and urged people to vote out BJP, then came the dancers actors singers who issued a letter urging people to vote for Modi. So when these Delhi University teachers condemned the PM, I was expecting some group of professionals to answer back, and that is precisely what happened. 
Approximately 120 Teachers expressed “shock” at the “anti-democratic”, and anti-historical” narrative sought to be built by the Congress. Their letter states that “We fully support PM Modi for bringing into public attention the regime of corruption in big defences deals started during Rajiv Gandhi's tenure. 'Bofors deal' became a symbol of official corruption; it initiated a trend which had consistently been followed by Congress-led governments. Scandals like 2G, Coalgate, CWG, and now Scorpene Submarine scandal directly involving Rahul Gandhi are all the natural corrolaries of Bofors tradition. The subsequent remote controlled Manmohan Singh UPA government even defroze the accounts of Gandhi's family friend swindler Ottavio Quattrocchi”.

The ecosystem does not have the habit of taking questions and they hate retorts so one can imagine their frustration when their moves are being countered and that too by commoners on their own accord. For Rahul Gandhi’s advisor Sam Pitroda, definitely it must have been a bad day at office. Rahul Gandhi must be prepared to take punches if he aims or wishes to plant a few himself. Politics is never a one way street.


While the opposition parties and left-liberal media constantly accuses the current Modi government to be a fascist regime without freedom of speech, the fact is that the PM and the government is constantly being attacked, labelled a thief by the very same people without any fear of retaliatory action from the government. Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, and all Congress leaders keep saying chowkidar chor hai, where chowkidar means PM Modi. Rahul Gandhi had even attributed this comment to the Supreme Court.

This comes in sharp contrast to how the Congress party had reacted when Rajiv Gandhi was called a chor. In 1988, a journalism professor was arrested by police, assaulted by Congress workers, for a question asked in an examination that referred to an anti-Rajiv Gandhi slogan popular at that time. Pradeep Krishnatray was the head of journalism department at the Sagar University, and the entrance test for journalism degree of the university at that year included that question which asked, “Which station of All India Radio had broadcast the sentence – ‘Rajiv Gandhi Chor Hai’?”

On May 27, during a live programme of Patna Radio Station, a girl was asked to tell a joke, and she had said, Gali Gali Mein Shor Hai, Rajiv Gandhi Chor Hai. This was a slogan used by the opposition parties during the Rajiv Gandhi government after the Bofors scam was exposed.The question in the entrance examination created a huge reaction, with a group of youth Congress workers storming into the journalism department of Sagar University, and abusing and beating Pradeep Krishnatray. They had also painted his face blacked and paraded him around the campus.

The University authorities had charge-sheeted Krishnatray for asking the question and started an inquiry. After that, the police had taken up the case. The professor was arrested by police for indecent behaviour and insult. Not content with assaulting the professor, the Congress workers had also demanded that Krishnatray should be sacked immediately, although the vice-chancellor had refused to do so without a probe. The teachers of the university had rallied behind Krishnatray, boycotting class protesting the hooliganism of Congress workers. This had forced the police to arrest the culprits who had assaulted the professor.

Pradeep Krishnatray didn’t say anything against Rajiv Gandhi, the department under him had merely asked a question relating to a-anti-Rajiv Gandhi slogan. While today government-run TV channels like Rajya Sabha channel openly run anti-government propaganda, at that time government-run All India Radio inadvertently transmitting an anti-government slogan in a live programme was a big issue. This was also an important piece of trivia for journalism students, that’s why it was asked in the entrance examination for the journalism course, but the Congress workers wanted the scalp of the head of the department just for this.

In fact, back in the day, “Rajiv Gandhi Chor Hai” was a very popular campaign run by the opposition. One of the most used chant at that time was ‘Gali gali mein shor hai, Rajiv Gandhi chor hai’. In fact, if reports are to be believed, when V P Singh, who resigned as the Defence Minister to lead the Opposition onslaught on Rajiv Gandhi, would ask the crowd, “Bofors ka dalal kaun hai?” Crowd would yell back, Rajiv Gandhi.

The hypocrisy of the left and Congress pidi media is that when Rahul Gandhi calls 'Chowkidar Chor Hai' they leave him alone, and later when he says 'I don't believe in abuses and I love PM Modi' they applaud him. Ridiculous isn't it? Not even a single one of them has the courage to counter question the dynasty. But the people don't forget things like our media. They know the disastrous rule caused by the dynasty and on the 23rd they shall give a fitting reply it seems as of now.


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