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11 Myths busted by Elections 2019

by Suyash - May 25 2019 2:17PM

The verdict is out. Most of the neutral analysts expected this result, but for many, especially the Left delusionalists, the results of 17th Lok Sabha Elections came as a rude shocker. In addition these elections also busted various myths propagated by Media. A look at them.

Myth 1 - Pseudo-Liberal elite of Khan Market is a 'know it all' gang.

Truth - The Lutyens circuit of Delhi is as disconnected from the reality as the two poles of the Earth. That merely have been passing their wishes and hopes as ground reality. Whether Yogendra Yadav assessed that BJP would win below 200 seats or Sears Bhaskar campaigning for four candidates who lost by a record margin, or Javed Akhtar spreading false and fictional narratives of intolerance, Fascism etc., the pseudo-liberal elite had a more bitter confrontation with the reality as they had in 2014. Not only did they realized their massive disconnect with the masses, but also woke up to the rude shock that they could not influence a housing society Election, let alone influencing the voters of PM Elections

Myth 2 - BJP did poorly in South India.

Truth - BJP is the LARGEST party in South India, West India and East India. The biggest myth is about the South, where BJP has won 30 seats, significantly higher than Congress which emerged as the 4th largest party of South India after BJP, YSRCP and DMK.

Myth 3 - Mahagathbandhan template is a guaranteed success Mantra to stall Modi Wave.

Truth - Opposition tried Mahagathbandhan in UP, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bihar and Jharkhand. In all these states the grand alliances got stung as BJP breached 50% vote share mark, rendering these opportunist alliances as irrelevant and sweeping all the states. Especially in UP, Jharkhand and Karnataka, the grand alliances were very formidable and yet they struggled even to open their accounts in these states.

Myth 4 - BJP is an urban party.

Truth - BJP won the majority of its seats in rural areas. The socialist schemes like Ujjwala, Housing, Uday, toilets have been ultra popular in Rural India and received big thumbs up from the rural voters.

Myth 5 - Regional Satraps and parties can stall BJP.

Reality - PDP and NC failed to prevent BJP from winning 50% of the seats in J&K. The regional parties of Haryana (JJP, INLD), Bihar (RJD, RLSP, HAM, VIP), Jharkhand (JVM), etc. got routed and were wiped out. Some other regional parties of Punjab (AAP), UP (SP, BSP), Karnataka (JDS), Maharashtra (NCP), Jharkhand (JMM) were comprehensively defeated and just managed to open the account.  BJP also managed to make significant dents to TMC of West Bengal, BJD of Odisha and TRS of Telangana. Hardly two regional parties survived the Tsunami, and most of these regional and casteist parties met a fate, worse than Congress.

Myth 6 - There are safe seats

Truth - Out of 62 safe seats, BJP lost 3. Out of its 31 safe seats, Congress lost more than half with some remarkable mentions being Amethi, Guna, Gulbarga. Dominant SP also lost its strongholds of Badayun, Kannauj and Firozabad.

Myth 7 - Muslim + Caste factor can counter Hinduism.

Truth - The way BJP trounced social engineering of opposition parties who would stitch Muslims with a dominant party of the state got trounced. For example Muslim-Yadav combo in UP, Bihar, Muslim-Vokkaliga combo in Karnataka, Muslim-Jat combo in Haryana. All of this caste calculus we're rendered irrelevant. More so because, voters from even these communities, defied conventional politics and preferred BJP.

Myth 8 - Dynasty fiefdom is alive

Truth - Dynasts like Rahul Gandhi, Vaibhav Gahlot, Dimple Yadav, Akshay Yadav, Miss Bharti, Mehboob Mufti, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Partha Pawar, Nikhil Gowda, Deepender Hooda, Dushyant Chautala, Poonam Sinha to name a few, were handed humiliating defeat. Although a handful of them like Nakul Bath and Gaurav Gogoi survived but by and large, the myth if Dynastic fiefdom was shattered to pieces during these Elections.

Myth 9 - Experienced and known faces win easily

Truth - Congress deployed nine ex-Chief Ministers, all of who bit the dust. Digvijay Singh in Bhopal to Bhupinder Huda in Sonepat. From Shehla Dixit in Delhi to Veerappa Moily in Karnataka, all the nine former Cams fielded by Congress faced defeats.

Myth 10 - An elected government enjoys honeymoon for the first 12 months of incumbency

Truth - The Chhattisgarh government had a reversal of fortunes in less than six months. The fate of Rajasthan and MP Congress governments was perhaps even more horrible. Same was applicable for the opportunist state government of Karnataka. All these parties faced anti incumbencies in a record period of 3 months and at a record level.


Myth 11 - Elections 2019 put a stamp on Religious extremism.

Truth - Religious extremists like Digvijay Singh, Kanhaiya Kumar, Prakash Raj, Atishi Marlena, Imran Masood faced crushing defeats. This time, by and the large public had little tolerance for the intolerant and communal candidates.

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