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Here is how Indian Air Force Executed the Precision Strikes on Pakistan: The Timeline

by IRC-ADMIN - Feb 26 2019 4:50PM

February 14: The Pulwama Attack

February 15: The very next day, all three Armed Forces chiefs along with the IDF (Integrated Defence Staff) chief presented their military options to the Prime Minister and the National Security Advisor (NSA) to target terror bases in Pakistan

February 16: Options were finalized. All three forces were given their responsibilities. The Indian Air Force was tasked with carrying out the precision strikes with ten days for preparation time

February 18: IAF chose three target options out of five given to them

February 19: The IAF received detailed and exact operational clearance, approved by the PM and NSA

February 26: The D-Day. Time chosen: Between 0300 and 0330 hours

0100 hours: 1 Embraer AEW-145 took off from the Bhatinda airbase

0100 hours: 1 IL-78 mid-air refueller took off from the Agra airbase

0200 hours: 16 Mirage 2000s from three squadrons - 1 from the Tiger squadron, 7 from Battle Axes and 8 from Wolf Pack - took off from the Gwalior airbase in batches, with 6 fighters in three pairs of two being designated to carry out precision strikes using Israeli laser pods on Pakistan's terror training camps.

0300 hours: 4 SU-30 MKIs took off from Sirsa airbase

0300 hours: IAF bases were alerted to deploy ground assets and recovery teams in case a crash happens in Indian airspace.

Pechora missiles at all IAF bases near LoC and IB were kept on standby to counter Pak aircraft in case they come into Indian airspace chasing the Mirage 2000s

Those 17 Minutes:

Mirage 2000 were cleared from the command center to proceed

The Mirage 2000 jets flew across LoC at the low level

The pilots of the Mirage 2000 jets used laser pods to 'paint' targets

Finally, the Mirage 2000 jets dropped their payload of bombs

Pakistani F16s retaliated but turned back due to the size of Indian formation

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