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How 'Soul' of BJP Manifesto is different from rest of the noise?

by IRC-ADMIN - Apr 10 2019 1:22PM

The manifesto launched by the Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday is a clear message to the people of India on how BJP and the Narendra Modi government would like to take things forward from where they are leaving off in 2019. It has a piece for everyone. Just like the prime minister said the manifesto although has multiple levels and multiple dimensions it all leads to 'One mission, one direction.' From national security to tourism, from villages to cities, from farmers to middle class the manifesto has left no stone unturned. The manifesto once again clearly puts forward the idea of wholesome Vikas, with a multipronged strategy without any one of them having a priority over the other.

What is to be read from the manifesto between the lines is that while the opposition is trying to give to its citizens out of the world promises without any sense of direction on how to achieve it, the BJP has chosen to stick to realistic grounds and to continue the amazing work they have been doing. Through this article, IRC would like to analyze the manifesto of the BJP by keeping in mind the difference in paths chosen by BJP compared to others.

The manifesto panel of the BJP has particularly kept in mind not to get driven away by the opposition jumlas, especially after NYAY by the congress there was a lot of pressure on the BJP to do something similar. But the BJP manifesto sticks to realistic grounds that too without prioritizing one over the other. As the Prime minister rightly put out in his speech, to take the name of one promise or scheme over the other would mean that one is above the other. Developed Bharat is a destination; we need to take the entire country with us when we reach there no one can be left out. Adding a feather to Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas. Our country has always been known worldwide because of its diversity. The diversity in lifestyle, that in language, that in our livelihood, etc. So the task before any political party in power is to cut out a comprehensive strategy to have inclusive growth of all people. This is precisely what the BJP manifesto achieves.

The great leaders of this great land, our freedom fighters, our thinkers have always emphasized the importance of preserving this diversity of the nation. The BJP manifesto has a piece for all people from different backgrounds be it the middle class, the villagers, the poor, the armed forces, the women, the farmers all of their concerns have been acknowledged. To name a few for the armed forces modernization of the army and welfare of soldiers have been points that can be extrapolated from the work done by BJP from 2014-19. Increasing emphasis on it is a sign of how governments in power cannot keep them aside. For the farmers, a game changer could be the pension scheme for farmers above 60 years to ensure social security. And plenty of these for different sections. This multidimensionality of the manifesto is what that makes it stand out. Adding to this is the fact that most of these promises are an extrapolation of what they have been doing all these years and hence plausible and far more realistic than the other rhetorics. 

The PM along with all other big wigs in the BJP has always emphasized on bringing in a larger vision for the nation rather than just asking for power for the next five years. So as been how they have practiced the same in government, be it demonetization and GST all have been brought out with the idea of vision and planning for a future that is far. The iconic scheme of Swachh Bharat has been set the ambitious target on the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The freedom fighters of the country including Gandhi and many others have emphasized on many ideas in bringing about independence for the country. The idea of sanitation, women empowerment, inclusivity, and many others among these have been ideologically and practically conceived in this manifesto. Vision is what has been lacking before 2014 and development with a vision is the need of the hour.

The manifesto all sets an ambitious target of making India developed by 2047. The idea of developing India as explained before is a multiprong agenda in the manifesto. This would need inclusive growth and rightfully so all the ideas in the matter directs itself to one common destination that is developing the country. It is also to be noted that PM in his speech had categorically stated that the country needs to have a people's movement like that we had during the independence struggle. It is important to have such a movement for development as well, where people acknowledge the needs of the nation and behave accordingly. The shades of this developing movement can be seen from the fact that a whole lot of people have voluntarily given up their LPG subsidy. Also, almost 50 lakh senior citizens have given up their subsidies in rail fares as well. If this is not the success of the Modi government then what is!?

The Modi government has yet again produced a manifesto that is strong on facts and less on rhetoric. He has a vision and a mission. India under Modi has achieved many feats that previous regimes could not even dream of in record-breaking time. The BJP government has yet again proved that Sahi Vikas is not developed with the idea that we all will die one day, but one with progress and vision that will govern the country even after our deaths.

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