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Neglected by every government, North-East India receives its due under Modi Government for the first time

by IRC-ADMIN - Jan 8 2019 5:05PM

Educated people residing in big cities can think of green forests, hills, bamboos and momos when North Eastern India is mentioned. They can also name Cherrapunji if they took geography lessons seriously in School. North East (NE) region does not only have 8 states but also 200 ethnic tribes. If we see the facial features of many people and observe their culture NE can altogether appear a very different world from the rest of India.

But Reading stories about the valour of Nagaland soldiers in Kargil war can give goosebumps and make us realize that they are Indians by heart and blood. Its the true embodiment of our unity in diversity. But before 1999, North Eastern India was mostly deprived of the progress. PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee was the first PM to realize the acute need of development in North East in 2000 with the establishment of ministry DoNER(Development of North Eastern region). When UPA came in, N-E again lost the focus and attention of the centre. But, 
PM Modi resumed the developmental works with ever greater commitment, when he started in 2014 he clearly showed his vision, intention and roadmap for North-East India. "Achhe Din" were about to come for this region. PM Modi had already said that he wanted to make North East the Gate to New India Development’s saga. With the mission to integrate North-East with the rapid economic development of overall India, he deserves the credit for both initiating and completing several projects aimed towards the prosperity of NE.

Rail Connectivity:

More than 15 Railway projects for the total distance of 1385 km at the cost of 47,000 crores are underway in the present NDA government. With Bogibeel Bridge Rail link between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh completed in 2018, Railway Ministry doesn't look in a mood to rest. With the capital of Arunachal Pradesh and Agartala already on the Broad gauge line, Ambitious plan to connect the capitals of Sikkim, Manipur, Meghalaya and Mizoram by 2020 are already in progress.

With most of the projects including the Rail Link in Manipur which was completed only 20% in UPA 1 and UPA 2 era, NDA government has speeded them up by ensuring both the regular availability of central funds and keeping insurgency in check. With the project of a Rail link to Rangpo in Sikkim Already given necessary clearance, survey work on Rail link to Tawang District in Arunachal Pradesh is Already complete.

Health and Education:

Very few numbers of Medical Colleges in this Region is another example of neglect before 2014. Work on AIIMS Medical College Construction has already begun in Guwahati. Proposals for new Medical Colleges in North East India got the emphasis in 2014-2015. Tomo Riba Institute of Health and Medical Science in Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram Institute of Medical Institution and Research in Mizoram are the two new Medical Colleges which Started functioning in 2018. Hence we can hope Medical Aspirants in these two states will not have to depend on a limited quota of seats in Assam.

Skill Development:

The present NDA government has started a scheme called NEPBPS which aims for the establishment of 5000 seats n respect of BPO/ITES operations in North Eastern Region. It primarily aims to re-skill the educated workforce in North East to help them find better job opportunity and livelihood.

Road Connectivity:

Giving Priority to the Highway network in North East India, National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation (NHIDCL) was incorporated on 18th July 2014 with branch offices in each state of North East India. 

NHIDCL has taken up road projects for roads of 1034 km in Arunachal Pradesh, 993 km in Assam, 573 km in Tripura, 380 km in Mizoram, 4 Laning of NH 39 in Nagaland, 1750 km in Manipur, 909 km in Sikkim and 823 km in Meghalaya.

Most of the projects for the above especially in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh are already in an execution phase. The Commissioning of  9.17 km Dola Sadiya Road bridge and 5.17 km Bogibeel bridge in 2017 and 2018 again shows the commitment of NDA government in fulfilling the promises made to the public.

Industrial Development:

Realizing the potential that the land and road link between North East India and  Myanmar and South East Asia provides, Assam Global Investors Summit was held in February 2018. It was primarily aimed to project Assam as an Ideal Investment Destination due to its geostrategic Advantage it offers  176 MoUs for 65,186 crore rupees were signed.

With projects on 16 hydel dams aggregating to 5756 MW in North East already in progress, Sikkim, Meghalaya and Tripura have already become power surplus states.

With North East India emerging as key for the link with ASEAN, Trade between India and Myanmar through land routes increased almost double from 77.52 to 144.72. This trade corridor holds a lot of promise for North East India.

With the Establishment of DoNER in 1999and Expedition of projects after 2014, India has slowly been able to win the confidence of northeastern people who feel indebted to PM Modi for his efforts to develop North East. We can hope the grievance of step-motherly treatment that NE people had with Delhi from previous Congress Governments will no more be heard.

Before 1999, Congress Government in Delhi usually joined hands with educated and ruling elites of North Eastern States who exploited local mass had caused great disenchantment in people as Congress looked this region with the lens of limited seats in Parliament these states have.

But the present PM Modi wants to win the hearts of North Eastern people by timely execution of development projects and give a new lease of peace and prosperity there irrespective of Parliament Seat numbers it offers as compared to other mainland states.

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