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by IRC-ADMIN - Apr 3 2019 8:29AM

Modi has risen as a leader who not only delivers his own promises but promises made by opposition parties also, read this analysis.

Yesterday, the manifesto of the Indian National Congress was released with a lot of hype and show. The manifesto is a clear demonstration of how the Congress party already knows that they would never form the government in 2019 but are making unrealistic promises whatsoever to hold on to chairs. A lot of which are debts of their unkept redundant promises. They without any shame are giving people dreams of pulling them out of poverty for the past 70 years.

Over the years that Modi has ruled the country as its PM, he has built up an image unlike his Congress predecessors of being a PM who stands his words and delivers and rightfully so. Small research into the promises made by the Congress governments in their previous manifestos and on what they have delivered clearly shows a dismal figure compared to that of the Modi government. Not only that Modi has also managed to fulfill what the Congress has promised! That’s the kind of India that we live in today. Gone are the days of hollow promises that are forgotten after elections. This has been one of the most standout points of the Modi government. It walks the talk. Through this article, IRC would look in great detail, this aspect of the Modi government. How it has fared in keeping promises over the years made by UPA governments. How has it benefitted the common man.

In 2004 the Congress manifesto said, ‘Congress would also examine the feasibility of an Agricultural Stabilisation Fund involving a system of direct support or income support to farmers’. As usual, they remained just like any other unkept promise. In 2009 too the INC mentioned of the same in their manifesto ‘The Indian National Congress will also examine the feasibility of the direct income support to farmers in the ecologically vulnerable regions of the country’. Just like the previous case it too remained in paper, not even the slightest of measures to implement the same was taken. The congress time and again has been good in showing the common man dreams but when it comes to implementation, they have betrayed the common man.

All it needed was a strong PM who works for the common man of this country to implement them. As announced in the interim budget 2019, the scheme for direct income support to farmers will be called the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi. It would ensure that marginal farmers get Rs 6,000 per year. It is likely to benefit 12 crore farmers. The budgetary allocation has also been made. Unlike the UPA days where words could not be taken for face value, Modi delivers what he talks and also that his predecessors have failed to do. 

In the 2004 manifesto of Congress, it was said that ‘congress will launch a special programme so as to ensure each household will have full access to reliable power in the next three to five years’. Leave alone three to five years, even after 8 years of UPA rule, they could never keep their promises. Not only that the Congress governments had done very little in this arena, to say the least.

Now let us look at the Modi government. It has walked the talk, all village households have already been electrified and as many as 99.9% of households have been electrified. These stands tall as one of the greatest achievements of any government since independence. Many state governments and individuals have come forward to thank the Modi government for achieving this in unison. 

The Congress manifesto of 2004 read, ‘The long pending issue of one rank, one pension will once again be re-examined and the satisfactory solution arrived at expeditiously’. The one rank one pension scheme has time and again never been on the agenda of the UPA governments. It occupies a high position only on their manifestos. They have not only never tried implementing it but also has mocked at it. The Modi government has implemented the scheme and the benefits have started to roll out. The arrears to soldiers have also been cleared. Another feather on the hat of the Modi government. 

The Congress manifesto of 2009 read ‘we will introduce the goods and services tax from April 1, 2010’. Congress had failed miserably in implementing it. The Modi government had achieved the same by taking strong steps and taking into confidence all state governments, the Congress not only failed but had criticized the BJP government on multiple instances on implementing GST. Thus the Congress not only does not fulfill promises but also rubbishes people who implement them. Rahul Gandhi even calling it ‘Gabbar Singh tax’, constantly finding new lows. 

The Congress manifesto of 2009 read ‘we will connect all villages to a broadband network in 3 years’ time’. But until 2014, the Congress government managed to connect only 59 villages with broadband networks. But post 2014, after Narendra Modi government came in, already 1.19 lakh villages have been connected. It’s a shame that the Congress party think that they can get away by not fulfilling promises repeatedly. They try and take advantage of the weakness of the people rather than empowering them. 

In 2004 the Congress manifesto read ‘the Congress will ensure that all delays in the modernization of our armed forces would be eliminated’ and even in the 2009 manifesto congress argued that it would do the same thing. They have never been able to fulfill it despite 8 years of rule. It’s a shame. The NDA government is the one that finally signed the Rafale deal after years of delay and flip flops under the UPA. Indian soldiers got 1.86 lakh bulletproof jackets that they had first requested in 2009. Modi government has taken note to not only fulfill their own promises but also the deficits left by previous governments.

The 2009 manifesto of Congress had claimed to do what the Modi government has done today. Not only that 8 years of UPA rule, made India one among the fragile five economies. Modi government with constant efforts on the same like GST and demonetization have been able to achieve high growth without compromising on fiscal deficit and inflation, unlike UPA. They managed to get high growth only with high fiscal deficits and high prices. Modi has also transformed the economy into one of the fastest growing economies in the world. 

The 2009 manifesto too had promised the same. But from records, it can be found out that only 2.5 crore households were covered under health insurance under FY 2013-14. On the other hand, Modi’s landmark scheme of Ayushmann Bharat has covered 50 crore households. It is the world’s largest health insurance scheme and has received world acclaim, especially from people like Bill Gates. While the Congress governments performed just for the sake of it, the Modi government took it to heart and the changes are clear to see. 

In the Congress manifesto of 2004, it had said that ‘the congress also pledges to extend reservations to economically deprived sections’. Nothing was done besides demands from multiple corners under UPA. The Modi government, on the other hand, was stern in bringing out even a constitutional amendment for the same. Despite flak from the opposition, the Modi was unmoved in doing what was most necessary to the people. It provided a 10% reservation to economically weaker sections. 

Research into Congress manifestos of 2004 and 2009 reveals that there were many promises that were made by the party. However, many of the major promises remained unfulfilled despite the party has been in power for ten years. In fact, there are promises which have been repeated through two manifestos in 2004 and 2009 but were never fulfilled. Congress promises stays on paper while they say it. But when Modi government says it they mean it. The congress not only does not keep promises but also discourages governments from doing what is good for the people when in opposition. The chowkidar has been unshakable all through in delivering the best for the people be it the GST or any other promise for that matter. We have an opposition who counters their own poll promises when fulfilled by the ruling party. Narendra Modi and his government have always been phenomenal achieving the promised and has been always on the part of Saaf Niyat Sahi Vikas.

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