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Loksabha Elections 2019: PM Modi’s 4 Requests for Democracy

by IRC-ADMIN - Mar 14 2019 7:08AM

As 2019 Loksabha elections are coming up, it is a high intense period of campaigning and political propaganda. Unlike others who give false promises, the Modi government has its 5 years of proven worth and truth about how the government was run. The Modi government was able to achieve completion of pending works and get major schemes and flagship plans executed, thus catering to all the sectors and benefitting every citizen of this democratic nation.

As the country gears up for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday made four requests to the Indian citizens to vote in large numbers and also , as part of being a sportive elective candidate, mentioned Congress president Rahul Gandhi and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to encourage the masses to vote.

In a blog post, titled 'Four Requests For Democracy', PM Modi laid out requests which can also pass as voting guidelines to follow for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Below are the four requests PM Modi made to the voters:

Register now: PM Modi asked the voters to register and get a voter card which he said should have a "place of pride in your life".
He also highlighted the fact that those born in the 21st century will be able to cast their votes for the first time. PM Modi said that he hoped that the young generation would use this opportunity to "enrich our democracy by voting".

Check thoroughly: The second request that PM Modi made to voters was to check the electoral rolls for their names.
"If your name is missing, raise it with the relevant authorities," PM Modi said while adding that updating of rolls will continue till the last day of filing of nominations.

Plan well: The third request included a suggestion for voters to plan their holidays before or after the polling date.PM Modi urged the voters to take a day off from work and vote if their "place of work and place of vote differ"."Take that one day off for the future of our nation!" PM Modi said.

Mobilize others: PM Modi in his fourth and final request urged voters to call upon their families, friends, and colleagues to vote.PM Modi said to motivate and, if need be, force them to venture out and exercise their franchise on polling day. Apart from the "requests for democracy", PM Modi reminded the citizens that voting was their duty which contributed to the development trajectory of the nation. As per these words,"Voting is among our prime duties. By voting, people connect themselves with the country’s dreams and aspirations," PM Modi said in his blog.

PM Modi also said that the elections should be celebrated.

PM Modi urged the young and first time voters to create an environment where getting one’s voter card and casting a vote, especially for the first time, as they become occasions for celebration while adding that there should be an environment where not voting causes great anguish.

Finally, PM Modi warned users from feeling regret for not voting for their choice of government.

Excerpt from his Personal blog:

"Would you want a situation where something happens in the country that you disapprove of and you are forced to think - because I did not go vote that day, this unfortunate situation has arisen and the nation is suffering,"

In these parting words"Spare yourself from that regret and go vote," PM Modi has given a reminder and warning to not to waste your basic right of choosing your government due to ignorance or other reasons whatsoever.

What can we say?? No other Prime Minister has ever been this actively involved in the process of decision making and emphasizes on the significance of voting rights even when the ruling party (BJP) is contesting in the elections. His encouragement of his opponents proves his diplomacy and sportive spirit that he inherits.

Keeping his words in mind, let us all cast our votes and not let our rights go in vain or unused. Choose the government that we believe in.

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