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Rahul Gandhi red-faced for dragging the SC in his ‘chowkidar chor hai’ campaign.

by IRC-ADMIN - Apr 15 2019 4:38PM

Rahul Gandhi and the Congress have multiple times raised allegations against the government and PM Modi on multiple issues with absolutely no evidence. They have tried their level best to degrade the prime minister by building a narrative based on their creativity with zero facts. The most prominent on the list has been the Rafale deal. Even when the whole of institutions in the country found nothing of a scam in Rafale, Rahul Gandhi went on saying 'Chowkidar Chor Hai'. Seems like the same snake that he let out is now biting him back.

The Supreme Court has now issued a notice on contempt of court to Rahul by quoting the Supreme Court to propel his propaganda and agenda. The SC has taken note of the issue and has held Rahul Gandhi by the collar. Through this article, IRC would like to look into this movement in the Supreme Court and what it could lead into.


The Supreme Court on Monday (15 April) issued a notice to Congress President Rahul Gandhi seeking an explanation from him on a criminal contempt petition filed by Bharatiya Janata Party MP Meenakshi Lekhi. In the petition, Lekhi had sought contempt action against Congress chief for allegedly attributing to the top court his own remarks on the Rafale verdict and trying to create prejudice. Appearing for Meenakshi Lekhi, senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi told the Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi-led bench that Congress president made a remark that the "Supreme Court has said, "chowkidar chor hai" in the verdict in Rafale review delivered on 10 April, Live Law has reported.

The bench, while considering the petition today (15 April), observed that it had “no occasion” to make any comments as attributed by Gandhi and that the judgment was solely on the legal question of admissibility of documents produced by review petitioners. The apex court has asked the Congress chief to file his reply by 22 April, which has been fixed as the next date for hearing in the matter. According to a Firstpost report, after filing his nomination for Amethi Lok Sabha seat on 10 April, Rahul Gandhi had claimed that the apex court has "made it clear" that Prime Minister Narendra Modi "committed a theft". "Now the Supreme Court has made it clear that 'chowkidar' has committed a theft," he had said, adding that the bench has "accepted that there is some corruption in Rafale.

Rahul Gandhi had distorted the SC order while talking to the media, and said that Supreme Court has accepted that there is some form of corruption in Rafale deal and that “chowkidaar ne chori karwayi hai”. The BJP had slammed the Congress President after he claimed that the top court has made it “clear” that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had “committed a theft”. Rahul Gandhi made the comments referring to the SC nod on the admissibility of “leaked documents” in the  Rafale case.

There are a number of reasons for this. First and foremost is that Congress has been plagued with corruption throughout the years. Especially those involved in defense deals are plenty and have eventually led to the decline of the grand old party in the country. Be it the Bofors or Augusta Westland the Nehru family has had deep dive in scams ranging to thousands of crores of rupees. Over the years, Congress had tried multiple methods to wash its hands off in these defense deals but could never do it. In fact, the noose tightened even more after the coming up of the Modi government. By pointing fingers at Modi even the Congress and Rahul Gandhi are trying to bring out a narrative that no party is free of corruption. But this move by the supreme court has nailed the lies propagated by Rahul Gandhi.

Multiple times during the discourse of the Rafale deal it has been noticed that Rahul Gandhi knows nothing of defense deals and its technicalities. He had multiple times even found it difficult to repeat what he was tutored earlier. All he managed to do consistently has been to call the PM a thief. It is clear that he has been doing all this for petty political gains. It's ironic to find out that a person with such a shady track record on corruption (National Herald) pointing fingers at a PM who has never been found guilty in any case, leave alone a corruption case. They are once again trying to prove the point, that they would do anything in their capacity to bring down PM Modi. 

Congress President Rahul Gandhi seems to have an extraordinary skill of connecting two unrelated issues to further his lies. While addressing women on International Women’s Day in Odisha, he attempted a similar stunt by bringing a reference of badminton courts to relate Rafale deal. Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s attempt to accuse PM Narendra Modi of alleged irregularities in Rafale Deal by relating it to an unrelated issue of badminton left the women present at the event perplexed. Rahul Gandhi was interacting with a group of women on the occasion of Women’s Day at Koraput, Odisha. As Rahul Gandhi was addressing a group of women at Koraput, Odisha, one of the girls present at the event expressed her interests in badminton and asked Congress party’s vision for the development of the sports facilities in the state. The Gandhi scion inquiring about the state of infrastructure of badminton courts assured that Congress party will try to set up the necessary coaching system and infrastructure for the benefit of students in the state. However, However, Rahul Gandhi did not stop there. Emphasizing on the abundant resources present in the state of Odisha, Rahul Gandhi said that people of the state were not benefitting from these resources. Rahul Gandhi, with his ability to connect everything under the sun to Rafale deal and Anil Ambani, somehow did the same at Koraput too. He accused PM Modi of snatching badminton courts from the people to give the money to Anil Ambani. I just reiterated this incident just to tell you how low can a party president go to win elections. The politicization of even a badminton court. Nothing short of ridiculous.

Over the years that Modi has ruled the country as its PM, he has built up an image unlike his Congress predecessors of being a PM who stands his words and delivers and rightfully so. Small research into the promises made by the Congress governments and on what they have delivered clearly shows a dismal figure compared to that of the Modi government. That’s the kind of India that we live in today. Gone are the days of hollow promises and hollow allegations that are forgotten after elections. This has been one of the most stands out points of the Modi government. It walks the talk.

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