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A 62% increase in funding for minority affairs

Beneficiaries of Nai udaan scheme to support UPSC/SSC/PSC aspirants increased from 483 beneficiaries before 2014 to 4142 beneficiaries after 2014

Muslim women can now perform haj yatra without a male guardian

Bill that empowers muslim women against triple talaq passed in Lok Sabha

Padho pardes scheme for financial help for overseas studies, 3251 youth have been benefited so far

1,00,000 people have been benefited so far under “Nai manzil” scheme of employment oriented skill development training programme

Beneficiaries of “Nai Roshani” scheme for leadership in Minority women increased from 97,825bin 2014 to 2,95,000 in 2018

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Budget 2014: Madrasas get 100-crore upgrade
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