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To bring in the culture of discipline, PM Modi acts like a strict Principal for his ministers

by IRC-ADMIN - Jun 13 2019 11:07AM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who's known for his strict routine, has laid down the similar ground rules for his council of ministers.

On Wednesday Prime Minister Narendra Modi had asked all of his ministers to try to reach their offices before 9:30 am and avoid working from home to set an example for others.

PM Modi also instructed all ministers to not to plan anything during the 40 days of Parliament sessions and attend all.

He also asked his senior colleagues to hand-hold the new ministers and give some time to meet MPs. He also advised everyone to discuss the latest developments on a regular basis with ministry officials.

He also advised ministers to clear pending proposals on time, for which, he said, both Cabinet and his junior colleague could sit together and clear the backlog of files.

He also asked all ministries to come up with a five-year agenda plan and to formulate an impactful decision, which needs to be taken in the first 100 days of the government.

Highlighting the responsibility of ministers towards their parliamentary constituencies, PM advised them to meet people in their constituency regularly.  

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